Investment in a Japan-made Men's Skincare Product Brand Aimed for International Distribution

Enterprises : BULK HOMME Co., Ltd.


Overview / Policy implications

The Cool Japan Fund (CJF) has invested in BULK HOMME Co., Ltd. ("BULK HOMME"), a company distributing Japan-made men's skincare products as “BULK HOMME” in Japan as well as in overseas. BULK HOMME has received an international awards for its high-quality Japan-made products which contains ingredients that increase moisturizing balance and enhance radiant skin, as well as for monotone containers with a simple and unified design, in order to achieve "Basic" as a part of their brand concept.

CJF aims to support increasing and establishing brand awareness of Japanese men’s skincare products to overseas by developing success stories where high-quality Japan-made men's skincare products are widely adopted in the world. Considering this investment as a model case, CJF also hopes that the overall men's skincare market to expand in each country, and consequently shall minimize the market entry barriers when other Japan-made men's skincare brands are expanding overseas.

Business Expansion

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