Investment in Marketing Professionals company “Katana”, successfully taking the lead in numerous remarkable projects including some to stimulate demand in inbound tourism in Japan

Enterprises : Katana Inc.


Overview / Policy implications

Cool Japan Fund (CJF) invests in the Marketing professionals company Katana Inc. ("Katana"), which has taken the lead in a number of remarkable projects including some to stimulate demand of inbound tourism. In Katana, there are many professionals in marketing and theme park management, maintains highly accurate and precise demand prediction models, and has led businesses to success at a consistently high rate in the projects. Katana boasts a prominent track record to date, including branding support for Marugame Seimen, revitalization and marketing support at Nesta Resort Kobe and Seibu-en Amusement Park (Tokyo), and more.

CJF sympathizes with Katana's philosophy to “Energize Japan through Marketing and Entertainment.”, and has evaluated their outstanding profitable results. As the largest investee company of CJF in the inbound sector, Katana, which promotes some of their projects that make inbound channels thicker and stronger is expected to stimulate inbound demand of Japan through their current and prospective projects.

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