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What is Cool Japan Fund?

Cool Japan Fund was founded in November 2013 as a public-private fund with the aim of contributing
to the sustainable growth of Japan's economy through the expansion of overseas demand and
supply of attractive products and services unique to Japanese lifestyle & culture.*
Cool Japan Fund aims to commercialize the “attractiveness unique to Japanese lifestyle & culture”
and increase overseas demand by providing risk capital for businesses across a variety of areas.
*e.g. Content, food & clothing & housing related products, services, advanced technology,
leisure, local products, traditional products, education, tourism, etc.

Investment criteria

Cool Japan Fund makes investment decisions
based on criteria (①Alignment with policy, ②Profitability and performance, ③Wider influence)
defined by the Japanese government.

Basic Policy for investment activity

“Invest in Knock on Effect with Global angle”

Investment Perspectives

Focus on cash flow
  • To ensure the realization of projects of high policy significance, CJF directs support not only new businesses, but also existing businesses (including PIPEs) , while complementing private businesses.
Focus on local partners
  • CJF collaborates with local companies familiar with consumption trends in the target country as a platform in order steadily to promote overseas expansion.
Focus on Global Synergies
  • To facilitate multi-national rollouts of Japanese products/services, CJF also takes advantage of the networks of multinational corporations.
Diversification of
investment methods
  • To manage risks of the portfolio, CJF utilize mezzanine financing, etc. In addition, buyouts are also an option for proper management of investees
Portfolio Optimization
  • Through constant reviews based on careful monitoring, CJF props up existing investment businesses that can turn around, or sells that are difficult to turn around after discussion with the investee.
Aim of Cool Japan Policy
For Japan to achieve a dynamic economic growth, Japanese businesses must actively expand and capture overseas markets.
The government of Japan is focusing on increasing inbound and outbound demand by developing Japanese businesses
that draw on the unique added value embedded in Japanese culture and lifestyle.