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What is Cool Japan Fund?

Cool Japan Fund was founded in November 2013 as a public-private fund with the aim of supporting and
promoting the development of demand overseas for excellent Japanese products and services.
Cool Japan Fund aims to commercialize the “Cool Japan” and increase overseas demand by providing risk capital
for businesses across a variety of areas, including media & content, food & services, and fashion & lifestyle.

Investment criteria

Cool Japan Fund makes investment decisions based on criteria defined by the Japanese government:

①Alignment with policy
(Being a risk money provider for bringing excellent Japanese products and services to overseas markets)
②Profitability and performance
(Appropriate managerial structure、Rational return from investment、High probability of a successful exit)
③Wider influence
(Supporting Japanese industry、Collaboration with other companies or sectors、Having a broadcasting effect、Pioneering new markets、Providing a shared business base)

Basic Policy for investment activity

Cool Japan Fund finances or/and provides hands-on support to the following types of projects:

Platform projects
Create robust business platforms to enable continuous development of products and services supporting the establishment of strong brands and market positions.
Supply chain projects
Optimize supply chains by resolving distribution bottlenecks confronting companies trying to expand out of Japan. These improved supply chains can lead to competitive advantages in cost efficiency and product quality, helping to sustain successful overseas development.
Regional SME support projects
Support collaborative overseas expansion by regional companies and SMEs utilizing the platforms and supply chains.
Create and maintain a medium- to long-term foundation for Cool Japan by supporting travel-related businesses that promote inbound tourism in association with regional tourism resources.
These initiatives can catalyze the formation of robust communities where regional manufacturers, creative artists, designers and others can flourish.
1.Japan's growth strategy and Cool Japan policy
For Japan to achieve a dynamic economic growth that results in a tangible difference to society, Japanese businesses must actively expand and capture overseas markets
Japanese government is now focusing on increasing inbound and outbound demand by developing businesses that draw on the unique added value embedded in Japanese culture and lifestyle.
2.Cool Japan Fund: our mission
Taking Japan's appeal to the world
Cool Japan Fund's core mission is to commercialize and capture overseas demand for businesses derived from Japanese culture and lifestyle. The Fund will achieve the core mission primarily by providing risk capital, with the aim of creating platforms that ultimately facilitate continuous business development by private enterprises alone.
Creating successful business models
The Fund also aims to create 'success models' by supporting business development in new markets and promoting innovative business models and other such measures.
Broadcasting the Japan brand
The Fund will actively promote the adoption of these success models across other businesses and sectors, facilitating further overseas expansion and helping broadcast the overall appeal of the Japan brand.