Investment in Wine Sales Platform Business to Expand Distribution of Japanese Sake in Australia and the UK

Enterprises : Wine Gallery Pty Ltd


Overview / Policy implications

Cool Japan Fund (CJF) invests in Wine Gallery Pty Ltd, an online retailer solving the product discovery problem for wine through the retail brand of “Good Pair Days ("GPD")” in Australia and the United Kingdom. GPD’s wide-ranging selections are mainly mid-range wines that have gained popularity in recent years, and they deliver the wines to more than 35,000 members in Australia. GPD has specialty with regards to their data analysis and personalized suggestive functions to gain and retain members so that they enjoy the purchase for product curation, discovery, and education, rather than specific product brands and price points.

The expansion of Japanese sake is expected by leveraging GPD’s network and know-how to attract and delight millennial consumers in those regions. Through the partnership with CJF, GPD's wine education and community, personalisation technology and marketing features will be applied to Japanese sake, contributing to its global branding.

Business Expansion

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