Investment in 4P's, which operates a chain of restaurants in Vietnam and Cambodia and serves as a platform for the global expansion of Japanese food culture

Enterprises : 4P’s Holdings Pte. Ltd.


Overview / Policy implications

Cool Japan Fund (CJF) invests in 4P’s Holdings Pte. Ltd. (4P’s), which operates a chain of Japanese Italian pizza restaurants “4P’s” incorporating Japanese ingredients in Vietnam and Cambodia. Based on the concept of “Earth-to-People”, the restaurant chain is highly rated by customers for its insistence on healthy and organic ingredients and its attentive Japanese-style customer service with “Omotenashi” as a core value. The restaurants use Japanese ingredients such as scallops and matcha and are recognized as Japanese pizza restaurants among local consumers.

CJF will help create a platform for Japanese ingredient manufacturers and breweries to expand overseas, especially in Vietnam, and will help spread the word about Japanese food culture. This investment will also have ESG angle through support for the management of environmentally friendly restaurants and will help promote the SDGs in the Asia region.

Business Expansion

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